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Severe winters can wreak havoc with Illinois roofs as snow and ice buildup cause materials to deteriorate, allowing water to seep through during spring thaws. Homeowners may want to partner with a roofing contractor to inspect and undertake regular maintenance before problems arise. This way, serious damage and costly repairs can be avoided.

Typical Climate In Illinois

Regional differences in the Illinois climate means that northern portions of the state have more severe weather, with lower temperatures and higher snowfall in the winter. Rainfall varies greatly between areas in Illinois, with some regions getting 3 feet of rain in a year while rural areas might experience much less precipitation. Illinois residents may want to consider the seasonal temperature differences as well as the heavy precipitation in both winter and summer when making roofing decisions.

Common Roofing Issues In Illinois

As in any cold climate, ice dams form on roofs during spring, when the weather goes from warm to freezing in a matter of hours. To avoid this problem, and the accompanying roof leaks, make sure that the roof has proper ventilation and attic insulation.

Licensing In Illinois

Roofing contractors must be certified by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Contractors must have a $10,000 bond, $250,000 of property damage insurance, and $500,000 of personal injury insurance. The state provides a website where consumers can verify that a contractor is licensed to perform roofing work, or consumers can call: (217) 782-045.

Legal Issues And Complaints

Complaints may be filed with the Consumer Protection Division of the state's Attorney General's Office, which offers a limited mediation program to assist consumers reach a suitable agreement on disputes or complaints against contractors.

Energy Efficient Roofs In Illinois

There are eight ENERGY STAR partners in the state: American Hydrotech Inc., Becker Specialty Corp., Cornerstone Building Products, Morton Buildings Inc., New Process Steel, Petersen Aluminum Corp., R.M. Lucas Co. and TKO Waterproof Coatings, LLP. These companies offer a diverse series of products that meet ENERGY STAR standards. Certification from ENERGY STAR requires meeting its standard for reflectance on initial installation as well as after three years of weathering. Reflective roofs can save money on energy bills by minimizing a facility's heat gain.

Unusual Roofs In Illinois

Frank Lloyd Wright's Coonley House in Riverside is a mass of interconnected buildings topped by red roofs. The exposed-steel frame and glassed-roofed tunnels of the United Airlines Terminal at O'Hare Airport provide a more recent model of innovative roofing materials.