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Date created: 2010-10-28 Location: Crystal River, FL

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5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Saving money with solar"
When we first purchased our home, we included an in ground heated pool, recommended by the home builder. We kept the pool at a constant temperature all year round. We constantly had problems with the heater, and it seemed like we had to have it serviced every year. We were at a party with one of our friends, and they also had a heated pool. Our conversation eventually got to the cost of heating the pool. The pool was heated with solar panels, and the cost to heat the pool was just what they paid for the initial installation. We noticed that the months when we heated our pool, our electric bill had a noticeable increase. After estimating the added expense for electric, and factoring in the yearly repairs and maintenance, we felt we could have had solar installed and already paid for. We decided to have solar panels installed, and not use the pool heater. Over the colder months this year, we have excellent savings from our electric consumption, and were able to keep the pool warmed all year. After figuring the total cost and savings, we estimate that in three years, we will have saved the cost of installation for the solar panels. So far, we have not had any dislikes with the solar panels, and we would definitely recommend solar panels to our friends.